Friday, May 21, 2010

Teeth Problem?

I have yellow teeth and i dont smoke or drink or do drugs etc

I have had yellow teeth ever since i was little. I dont wanna try bleachin cuz that stuff cost alot.

What can i do? i think why my teeth are so yellow is because i had poor nutrition when i was younger?

Any tips, advice?

Teeth Problem?
The color of teeth is due to the color of the dentin that is under the enamel. The enamel is translucent and the dentin color shows through. You may have taken some tetracycline antibiotics when you were very young, which causes the unerupted tooth buds to color yellow. There is really nothing you can do about this except to have the teeth bleached. It is painless and usually very successful on yellowish teeth. Don't waste time or money with take home and store whitening stuff - not strong enough to make a difference, especially with very yellow teeth. Have it done in a dental office and you should get a nice result.
Reply:Crest whitening strips cost like 10 dollars.

You can also get your teeth covered, I'm not sure what it's called though. I have it. It feels just like normal teeth.
Reply:use whitening toothpaste (preferrably with sensitivity protection, as whitening agents can make teeth sensitive to hot, cold, sweets, etc) and also try something like Crest Whitestrips (generic brands which show improvement can cost as low as $15.00...try Eckerd or CVS if you don't want to shell out the $35 for Crest brand).

also, VERY IMPORTANT! after you do any sort of whitening, do NOT drink soda/coffee, eat anything dark in color, or preferrably, anything at all, for about 15min-half an hour.

this is because whitening products open the pores in your teeth to allow the bleach product to whiten, but the pores stay open afterward for a little while.

if you drink soda/coffee/etc. or eat anything dark, all that yucky color will enter the pores before they close, locking in all that junk and making your teeth look worse.

lastly, don't expect results right away, but you should see improvement in about 2 weeks. good luck!!! =D and smile. haha
Reply:if your that concerned you could knock them all out then get dentures
Reply:bush your teeth everyday and if that dont work than bleach your teeth and if your that concerned you could knock them all out then get dentures


Has anyone else had problems using Crest ProHealth Mouth Rinse?? Discoloration of Teeth?

yes. my son and daughter both used it and now their teeth hurt so bad. neither one of them have ever had a toothache and about a week into using it they were both complaining.

I had the same problem when I used the crest white strips.

If your teeth are hurting try using sensodyne toothpast, or a less expensive brand that IS NOT a whiteing toothpaste.

Good luck.

Has anyone else had problems using Crest ProHealth Mouth Rinse?? Discoloration of Teeth?
yeah i have, i just used it twice about 2 to 3 days ago and now i am having trouble tasting things. i emailed crest and just waiting for a reply
Reply:I started using this product March, 2006 as a recommendation from my dental hygienist. Since then, I have noticed a staining in-between my teeth that had not existed in the past. Also, this staining exists in the grooves of my teeth. I was uncertain if the staining was solely due to tea/coffee drinking. I drink a glass of tea daily and coffee a couple of times a week. Despite, I never had such staining in the past like what I've noticed recently. Also, I stopped using the mouth rinse for the last three days and have noticed a significant decrease in staining!!!!!

My bf with teeth problem.?

Hey guys.please help me out...

i got horrible car accident and lost most of front teeth.Ive got teeth implant but my tooth doesnt look same....everytime i check my teeth in a mirror i feel so sad and think noone likes me anymore.but i met this guy.he was seems like pretty nice.i told about my teeth thing he understood.but i am not sure he loves me....he doesnt want let me meet his friends.before i get car accident,all my ex would let me meet his friends...and i also scared to ask about it...b/c i know that i will be really sad if he tells me my teeth are embarrassing to show his friends.

so i have 2 questions.

1.should i ask the reason why he would not let me meet his friends?

2. if you have a gf/bf and she /he gets car accident and got unnatural teeth,whould you break up with her/him?

please help.....

My bf with teeth problem.?
If anyone is going to break up with u because u were in an accident and lost ur teeth then they are a discrase!!!!
Reply:How important to women is it that a guy has nice teeth? Flip it around to apply to your situation and you have your answer.
Reply:1) you could ask him. but maybe he doesn't feel like you've been dating long enough to introduce to them. guys are dumb like that.

2) i would definitly love them unconditionally no matter what...teeth, no teeth...that shouldn't matter unless they are shallow!
Reply:yes ask him . i got teeth probelms 2. %26amp; no i wouldn't break up .

Bones For Healthy Teeth?

Could someone please tell me a great brand of dog bones (not treats) to buy that will clean and strengthen a puppy's teeth? I've got a pom puppy and pom's are particularly susceptiable to teeth problems. I've tried greenies (although some don't like greenies, i know) but I'd like to get a bone that she can't eat a lot of it... just one she can chew for hours! Thanks!! :D

Bones For Healthy Teeth?
Raw bones are an excellent way to keep a dog's teeth clean and healthy. Never give her cooked bones as they can cause obstructions and I always supervised my dog while she chewed a bone. I used a good sturdy lamb bone that I got from a butcher. You should also get her used to having her teeth brushed with a good canine tooth paste.
Reply:I think the brand is actually called nylabone- and they can be chewed for years and are very good for dog's teeth- remove tartar... Any pet store should have one...

Teeth problem!?

Ok soo tomorrow I have to go to the orthadonist and last time I went he gave me a choice . .. .

1.I have 2 teeth taken out and no headgear or

either headgear and I keep my teeth. What should I choose?! My family and friends say keep the teeth and wear headgear. But I've heard horror stories about how much headgear hurts?

Which one would be best for me?

Teeth problem!?
OMG thats so similar to my situation!

I had to get baby teeth pulled also, my upper two 'vampire' teeth .. my orthodontist was like eathier get your teeth pulled now or have problems when you get older..

at first i was likee "omg no! im 16! im not having friggen teeth out of the FRONT of my mouth missing! no way! idont caree let me have 'messed up teeth when i'm older' " and i swore %26amp; swore i would not get them pulled out, there was noo way!

but yea anywayss gues what happend? lol i DID wind up getting the teeth pulled! lol but now everythings fine %26amp; they're growing in ..

seriously GET THEM PULLED! lol - it dosent hurt bc they numb it.. and why would you want headgear?! .. the pulled out teeth's new ones will grow in shortly anyways..i knoww noone wants teeth missing, but the headgear? to me that's 10x worse!!!

hope i helped! =] xo0x

%26amp; good luck tomorrow %26lt;3
Reply:have them pulled. it's summertime do you really wanna be wearing that thing?
Reply:missing teeth not sexy get the headgear
Reply:If it were me I'd keep my teeth.
Reply:Do you need the teeth is what is the most important. You know either way is going to hurt so I wld think aoutthat one first.
Reply:i say pull the teeth. i personally dont like headgears so if it was me i would choose the choice where u get ur teeth pulled out. besides it doesnt even hurt cause they give u a shot before it like a pain reliever.
Reply:Sometimes you wear the headgear and then later when you get the braces off having all those teeth still causes pressure, crowding, and teeth movement later. You won't miss the teeth. I didn't miss mine. They pulled them and a year and half later i was done w/ braces. However, the headgear route is probably going to add much more time to your treatment. Hope this helps, but what do you want?
Reply:keep your teeth.
Reply:ok 1st of all, headgear DOES NOT HURT!!!! But i would sayget the teeth PULLED, you won't feel it and do you really want to wear that gear ALL SUMMER??
Reply:Go with the headgear aren't u only going to have to wear it at night? and also you'll probably be much happier later in life cause you don't have missing teeth.
Reply:How old are you? which teeth do they want to extract?

dress shoes

Wisdom Teeth problem?


this may sound a bit weird as I dont actually have my wisdom teeth yet

i am 15 and currently have braces, and will do for another year at the least.

I am missing two teeth on my bottom jaw, that should be either side of the centre teeth.

So therefore my teeth are more spread out....I thionk my wisdom teeth may be starting to come through but there is no space at all on the bottom jaw,

my orthodontist has not yet said anything about this, but would she leave it to my dentist?

i have a dental appointment soon should I get my mum to ask him about it?

the top jaw seems to have more space so not worried about that at the moment

anything will do!

Wisdom Teeth problem?
With all due respect, the AVERAGE age for wisdom tooth eruption is 18; there are cases where the eruption has been premature according to standards.

When you go to your regular dentist, tell them your concerns and they'll probably take periapical xrays, or PA's, of the areas where your wisdom teeth are/will be located.

If they are indeed coming in, you'll probably be referred to an Oral Surgeon to have them removed, especially if they're causing you discomfort.

Good Luck!

Reply:My dentist was the one to tell me i needed my wisdom teeth out so I would ask him when you go. He should be able to tell you where they are and if you will need them removed, etc
Reply:Go to an Oral Surgeon, not a dentist. They have a panoramic X-Ray specifically used to look all over the jaw/mouth for your wisdom teeth. the Oral surgeon will be the one who takes them out, not your dentist. Since you're 15 your probably don't have them yet..but you will. It's best to get them out so you dont have any crowding. If you don't your teeth could become crooked or shifted.

Talk to your dentist and have him/her refer you to an oral surgeon for a Panoramic X-ray! Good Luck!
Reply:wisdom teeth erupt at the age of 18 , or after that . if ur treatmant finishes at 16 , and the orthodontist closes all spaces b/w ur teeth (as he is going to do ) , u may experience some problems when these erupt , the wisdom tooth may put pressure on the adjacent one , causing pain , or it may disturb the overall alignment of the teeth. u may talk to ur dentist and clear ur worries.

Wisdom Teeth Problem?

i have experienced bleeding when brushing my teeth for sometime now and always had a weird feeling in my mouth. well i started investigating my mouth and found out that there was a tooth coming out at the far back. i feel no pain though i feel it pressing againts my cheek and a slight dis-comfort sometimes. i observed that it is not exactly in line with the other tooth.

well the bleeding still continued and i got alarmed. so last night i decide to find out where the bleeding was coming from. i took a cotton pad and wiped the inside of my mouth and around the teeth. i found out that the bleeding was from the wisdom teeth. Has anyone ever experienced this before?

Wisdom Teeth Problem?
wisdom teeth only hurt when coming through if there pushing against another tooth. i would check out this with your dentist though as you may have slight gum desease

gud luck xxxx
Reply:They are probably erupting (breaking through the gum). There is not always pain associated with this process, so no worries. Go to an oral surgeon for an evaluation, wisdom teeth usually end up causing more harm than good. I hope this helps!
Reply:First the bleeding when brushing. If your not flossing every day start now. You will bleed from this .but after a month or two your gums should be in better health than they probably are now. If not go to a dentist and have your gums checked out. It's no fun if your gums get ill.

The wisdom tooth is breaking through the gums so some bleeding is natural.

Its hard to judge the degree of alighnment..wait and see if it causes a problem with your bite otherwise keep it . I guess your in your late teens or early twenties.

Hope this helps.

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